About Us

Managing Director: Loice Siziba

About The Director

The company Loitah Designs was founded in 2016 by Loice Siziba. By profession the director is a sales executive, she has ran Loitah Designs with great success. She got motivation after holding senior positions on other companies, including Retail companies, an idea of independent crossed her mind, she then decided and found Loitah Designs from scratch. 

As part of establishing the business, she went to China and other countries to meet the suppliers and to check the products. On the business trips, she then met other business personnel, mostly woman, this strengthened her in the business world and made her build the strongest Industry network. This is how Loitah Designs was born

About Our Products

We have high quality outfits for both men and women. Some of our outfits are imported from various countries all over the world, some of them are home made. For the past years we have been in the industry, we haven’t had any customer complain. We aspire to be the number one retail solutions in the corporate world and provide stylish clothes and suits to all our customers.

Our outfits are both for youth and seniors, we have various sizes to ensure our customers do not have disappointments, where we happen not to have size that perfectly fits the customer, we do provide alternatives and measures to ensure smiles to our clients.